Folk Art Gallery Featured in The Times

Bertha Harris-My Dream-Shr_Times_4-12-2016(croppedSml)

Bertha’s Folk Art Gallery, scheduled to open mid-May in Shreveport’s historic Highland Art District, was featured in the Tuesday, April 12 issue of the Shreveport Times.

Monochrome Series

B&W Picking Cotton -Baby on back with 2 birds(web)

Bertha Harris Views Art in Black & White It’s not a matter of the world is only Black & White, but sometimes we can see differences and details become clearer if we have to only use two basic colors controlling a painting. Some people would call this primitive art or simple folk art, but the … [Read more…]

Ft. Worth Art Show!

52nd FT Worth Antiques & Art Show

2015 Show Theme is Art! Art! Art! Art of all Eras and Styles throughout the Show, plus “The Art Dept.” — 20 New Gallery Booths for Antique & Vintage Art, select Contemporary Artists and Galleries. Bertha is honored to be a featured contemporary artist. Here’s some of what she’ll be exhibiting there:

Bertha’s New Art for a New Year!

Mother & Daughter, “Primitive” Style

Bertha hit 2014 with a running start! This collection of 21 brand-new artworks for January includes three examples of Bertha’s new experimental “Primitive Art” style which incorporates actual object props along with cut-out silhouettes of people and objects.

Bertha Interviewed on KSLA News!


Bertha was interviewed by KSLA News arts reporter Jabari Thomas at her June 2013 exhibit in the West Wing of the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum, located on the Louisiana State Fairgrounds.

Bertha Revisits Beene’s Plantation

Bertha returns to Beene’s Plantation

In mid-February of 2013, Bertha revisited Beene’s Plantation in Bossier Parish, where she spent her teenaged years living and working with her mother, and where she met her first love. Read Bertha’s recollections of her time at Beene’s Plantation in Chapters Five through Nine (5–9) of her inspiring autobiography, The Courage to Rise Again: A … [Read more…]